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Anxiety Disorders

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What Is Anxiety Disorders?

Common symptoms suggestive of anxiety disorders are inappropriate excessive anxiety/ restlessness/ unexplainable fear for over prolonged periods Anxiety can manifest as palpitations, racing negative thoughts, butterflies in abdomen, nausea, increased sweating, difficulty in breathing, choking sensations, increased urination/ stool frequency  or Fear that one might go mad/ something bad is going to happen, unexplained bodily pains Anxiety can also be limited to specific situations like social anxiety/ performance anxiety Hysteria can present as Seizure like symptoms which are  stress induced.

Hypochondriasis manifests as Fear of having some major illness despite all investigations being normal or no specific signs to support any physical illness. Some individuals also have Anxiety related to the perceived idea of some body part/ appearance being inappropriate/ disfigured.

Anxiety Disorders

Our Anxiety Disorder Counselling Expert

Dr. sweta Parikh

M.B.B.S., M.D.Psychiatry ( Consultant Psychiatrist, Deaddiction expert, Child and women Psychiatrist)

Dr. Sweta Parikh completed her M.B.B.S. From Smt. N.H.L. Municipal Medical College in 2011 and then pursued her interest in psychiatry and mental health. She completed her M.D. in psychiatry in 2015 and worked as a senior resident for 6 months at Sola Civil hospital and then took up the post of Assistant Professor in Psychiatry under the department of Palliative Medicine at GCRI, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.

She started her private practice in 2018 and has successfully completed 12 years in the field of Psychiatry. In 2019, Dr. Sweta Parikh and Dr. Nisarg Parikh founded Swasti Spine and Mind care, their long-cherished dream. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all psychiatric illnesses and is well trained for deaddiction. She uses a combination of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy to help patients achieve mental wellbeing.

Currently she holds the position of Director and Consultant Psychiatrist at Swasti Spine and Mind care. She is also serves as an Honorary Psychiatrist at Kutchi jain seva samaj at Paldi.

Dr. sweta Parikh
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